Plastic Cable Ducts

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Cable routing systems for laying power and data cables

Universal and environmentally friendly cable management systems with innovative features.

Wirthwein's plastic cable ducts offer an optimal solution for laying power and data cables. More than 1.5 million meters of the cable ducts have already been installed at Deutsche Bahn AG and at many other operators worldwide. Due to the wide range of applications, the cable duct is also used in solar parks, wind power plants and other industrial locations.

Our experience and the wide range of applications of our cable ducts offer numerous solutions for the most diverse structural requirements. Our customers benefit from fast, flexible and safe installation of their signal and communication technology in our cable trunking systems.

50% CO2 saving compared to concrete cable duct

With the Wirthwein Sustainability Framework and our plastics solutions, we contribute to environmental protection.

The Wirthwein cable duct reduces emissions and costs, especially compared to conventional concrete cable ducts:

  • resource-saving material and production
  • Low weight
  • Reusability at different application sites
  • Easy installation without lifting equipment
  • An integrated connection system for quick assembly and disassembly
  • Durability
  • No need for maintenance

Low weight, easiest installation and maintenance-free.

As a plastics specialist, we have developed the perfect mix of materials to provide you with a robust and durable component for laying your cables. Our experience and the wide range of applications for our cable ducts offer numerous solutions for the most diverse structural requirements.

  • Experience of more than 1.5 M meters of laid cable ducts
  • Wide range of applications
  • Easy assembly and reusability
  • We guarantee an excellent quality standard
  • Extensive accessories such as end plates, dividers, angle elements and more

Low weight

Transport in large quantities possible and uncomplicated laying by hand, no need for using lifting devices.


High load capacity

pursuant to class A15 according to DIN EN 124-1/ DIN EN 1433.


High economic efficiency

Wirthwein cable ducts can be transported in large quantities and are maintenance-free.


Quick installation

An integrated connection plug-in system ensures simple and rapid assembly and disassembly.



90° curves possible without additional effort, with a maximum laying radius after 45 meters (radius ≥ 30 m).



Flame retardancy is defined according to DIN 53438 part 2 in fire protection class K1.



Reuse is possible for different structural conditions.


Easy handling

Predetermined breaking points in the bottom and side walls facilitate additional insertion and removal of cables.



Easy control of cable harnesses by individual opening of covers.


Cover Innovation

  • high load capacity of class A15 according to DIN EN 124-1/ DIN EN 1433
  • efficient cover locking system with clever hinge design to protect against levering out
  • each cover can be opened separately
  • non-slip surface profile
  • cover overlap to prevent contamination and to compensate for linear expansion
  • additional cover securing with optional special screw

Size I

1,000 x 215 x 210 mm

Cable Duct Size I

Size II

1,000 x 360 x 215 mm

Cable Duct Size II


Fastening, separation and closure

Cable Duct Accessories

Our full service to meet maximum demands on design, weight and stability.

As a system supplier we are experts in physical foaming, a highly important technology for weight reduction, all conventional injection molding procedures and the full range of processing services, from functional integration, linked module assemblies up to component finishing and varnishing. We have developed an outstanding position in the market, particularly as regards large technical components with high quality requirements.

  • Thermoplastic injection molding of complex technical plastic parts with shot weights from 0.007g to 10kg
  • In-house toolmaking, also for large, complex components
  • Processing of all common thermoplastics
  • Machines with clamping forces from 250 kN to 17,000 kN
  • Capacity: more than 450 injection molding machines and 15 blow mold machines

Our sales partner

With ÖBS GmbH, we have had a specialist for rail-bound traffic route construction products at our side for many years. Many years of practical experience with an ear to the ground on the construction site guarantee competent solutions for level crossing systems, track support plates, guidance systems for the blind, products for underground cable construction made of concrete and plastic, as well as articles for rail-bound environmental and drainage technology.

ÖBS is the official authorized dealer for Wirthwein cable ducts in German-speaking countries. The ÖBS team will be happy to advise you on our solutions for laying power and data cables.


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