We support the mobility revolution

with cable ducts for public and private charging infrastructure.

Solutions for Electromobility.

Resource-saving in-house Development.

We are driving the mobility revolution with our cable ducts. To achieve the climate protection targets that have been set, an efficient infrastructure for electrically powered vehicles is needed. Plastic solutions from Wirthwein are being used in the expansion of the charging station network.

In the future, every parking space of residential buildings and every fifth parking space of other buildings is to be equipped with tubes systems or cable ducts when new buildings are constructed or renovated. Our uncomplicated and resource-saving component makes it possible to set up charging points particularly quickly.

The Wirthwein cable duct is characterized by fast, flexible and cost-effective installation as well as simple implementation for subsequent cable laying, extensions and redesigns. In addition, problems with the positioning of buried cables can be avoided. It can be walked on, is fire-proof, reusable and maintenance-free.


Easy installation, low transport costs, resource-saving production.

The attractive overall package of our cable duct solutions:

  • low transport costs and maintenance-free
  • simple and safe assembly due to our plug-in system
  • easy implementation of curves and lowering/raising
  • Flame resistance according to DIN 53438 part 2, fire protection class 1
  • easy disassembly and relocation to new place of use
  • Predetermined breaking points in the bottom and side walls enable efficient insertion and removal of cables
  • easy opening and closing of the lid
  • Energy-efficient production and recycling of discarded components
  • approx. 40 % savings compared to concrete cable duct

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