Cable Duct Size I

for the laying of power and data cables

Technical Data Cable Duct I

  • Length: 1,000 mm
  • Width (inside / outside): 100 mm/215 mm
  • Height (inside / outside): 155 mm/210 mm
  • Weight: 4,9 kg/m
  • Material: PP copolymer (UV-stable)
  • Fire protection class: K1 according to DIN 53438 part 2
  • Dimensional stability: -30°C to + 80°C
  • Load capacity class: A15 according to DIN EN 124-1/ DIN EN 1433
  • Electrical properties:
    specific surface resistance approx. 1015 Ω x cm,
    Dielectric strength Ed approx. 0.6 / 0.8 at 100 kV / mm according to DIN VDE 303-ICE 243

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